Our Frequently Asked Questions

No, all our repertoire can be learnt through hearing and practicing at our weekly sessions. Many of members cannot read music. But we have music literacy as an objective of the group

We have songbooks for new members which contain words for some of our favourite songs – you won’t need to learn ALL the songs in the book. Lyrics/Words for new songs not in the book are emailed or sent on whatsapp to members and they can print them off to be used at our rehearsal sessions. Folders or words are not generally used at our live performances and members are encouraged to memorise the words over time.

Most of our repertoire is in English, but we also sing some songs in Kiswahili. We have occasionally learnt songs in other languages.

We organise weekly practice sessions where we learn new songs and also rehearse for upcoming performances. We also have one day marathon learning once every 2 months.

Online learning is one of the many ways learn our music by posting audio recordings to our channels. Although we have to physically meet on a regular basis to harmonize the songs.