We areA.W.A.K.E!

Advent Watchmen Active for the Kingdom Eternal.

We exist to be watchmen and light bearers creating a sense of urgency and awakening brethren from slumber as the Second Coming of our Lord Jesus Christ draws near.

We recognise that God has called us to this ministry not for fame or fortune or just for the love of music but to share His message through song to a dying world, a world that is at slumber and blind to the times that we are living in. We will focus on impressing upon the hearts of individuals spiritual truth, calling them to prepare to meet our soon- returning Lord.

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Who we Are

Our Strategic Pillars

Spiritual Growth

Regular Bible Study Group, devotions and Retreats.


Unique Rich biblical focused songs, Improve our singing skills Record and Quartely Reviews for Self Sustaining.


Team buildings Get togethers Member appreciation.